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Dear friends,

Sadly, from 16th March onwards the academy will shut down all activities during the outbreak. We will reopen as soon as the government lets us know it is safe to do so.

  • Tickets for Improvers: If you bought tickets for improvers you will be able to use any tickets in your account marked as cancelled in the future. Once we reopen the academy you will be able to reschedule those tickets.
  • Beginners Course: If you have signed up for a beginners course, don't worry. Once everything comes back to normal you will recover all your 18 lessons from the start.
  • Subscriptions: As you probably already know, I am a full time Tango Teacher/Organiser whose income depends entirely on people enjoying the magic of Tango and the social aspect of our amazing community. The quarantine we are all having to go through is putting a lot of pressure on my finances. Plus St Matthew's Primary School refused to give me back the money I paid for the rent of the hall (I pay every 6 months).

    Several people have expressed the willingness to support me in these difficult times by refusing to cancel their subscription or reducing the amount by adding vacations to it. I have no words to express my immense gratitude to all of you. It makes a huge difference to me and I promise to repay you with lots of hugs, dances, lessons, parties, and more.

    So, if you have a subscription you have three choices:
    • 1. You can cancel your subscription before 1 April so you won't be charged anymore.
    • 2. You can add vacations (as many as you want) to reduce the amount to the charged every first of the month. For example, if you add a vacation from 16-31 March (half of a month) then on the first of april you will pay £65/2=32.5 (or £55/2=27.5 if you are a student).
    • 3. Continue your subscription without vacations. If you do so, I will repay you with 2 private lessons per month once the quarantine is over plus my eternal love and gratitude.

Thanks a lot for your support and remember to wash your hands, stay at home and most of all, KEEP CALM. Looking forward to see you very soon!